Warren Whelan is a barber specialising in hair art designs, fades, and beards. Warren provides training courses throughout Ireland for barbers who want to get to the top of their profession.
After losing his construction job to the recession, Warren trained as a barber in 2011, coming top of his class in the famous Knights School of Barbering in Dublin. Warren started his career by renting a chair in the popular Halo Hair & Beauty salon in Collon, but his rapidly growing customer base and entrepreneurial spirit led him to set up Warren the Barber’s Chop Shop in 2013, eventually moving to a larger premises in 2015.
Keen to bring the emerging new discipline of hair art to Ireland, Warren trained with internationally renowned barber Jeremy Knott (Los Angeles). Warren’s website and social media accounts show the hair art designs, fades, and portraits that have established his reputation as one of Ireland’s most skilled barbers.
Warren has established the Chop Shop as a popular local business, supporting four full-time barbers, including two whom Warren personally trained and mentored to become full-time professionals.
A highly sought-after educator for barbers and hairdressers alike, Warren has trained hundreds of aspiring hair art professionals throughout Ireland, with courses ranging from beginners’ courses to advanced Barber Master Classes covering advanced techniques such as hot-towel shaving, threading, and taper burning.
With almost 4,000 followers on Instagram and over 4,000 followers on Facebook, Warren has proven adept at using social media marketing to raise his business’s profile.

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Nico “SWISHKUTTZ” Johnson

24 year old barber/Cosmetologist from Salt Lake City, Utah.. Nico has been hairbending for 6+ years and values his time behind the chair. He attended Paul Mitchell The School Salt Lake City & now currently owns a Hair Studio in Salt Lake called Savant Studio which opened July 4th 2017. He was just recently named 2017s Best Barber in Utah by Salt Lake City Weekly.

Whats up everyone I’m dale, a 24 year old barber from new jersey. Ive been a barber for approximately 4 years now and its been the best 4 of my life. It has brought me many opportunities and helped me find my passion for travel,alongside many other activities. I started in the basement of my home,using a Walmart put together station.I eventually saved my haircut to turn my basement into an actual looking barbershop. I was only cutting hair part time for the first few months because my main job was in the IT field. I found my happiness and passion within hair so i decided to start anew and pursue hair. Throughout my 4 years i have done numerous guest barbering around the US and other parts of the world. I have learned from barbers everywhere and last but not least, performed haircuts in some of the worlds most scenic places. I believe in hard work to achieve and believe learning is never done. I am strongly towards the unity of barbers across the world because we all share one heart for the hair, which is why i love traveling for the love of hair and the community.

Marcus is a 21 year old Barber, he has been cutting hair for 2 and a half years, and owns his own private studio in Salt Lake City, Utah which opened July 4, 2017. Marcus has won two first place trophies in California and Colorado, and enjoys family, traveling, and his time behind the chair. Marcus specializes in men’s hair grooming.

Hello , My name is Robert Cardenas , I go by ROBS for short. I was born and raised in a small Talented City Oxnard California, Im currently 21 years old. Ive been cutting hair since the age of 15 barbering became my passion as i entered into high school cutting all my friends hair in my garage. I had to start at such a young age and try to bring income because I had a little me on the way , he became my inspiration and from there I just haven’t given up. Now I continue to grow and grow everyday learning from all my peers and my day to day challenges. I’d like to give a special thank you to SharpFade for putting all this together and giving a little someone like me a huge opportunity . One thing I learned and I express to you all is Never let anyone bring you down you are your own competition. Stay 100 Fam !

My name is Wade Blaauboer, I am a 21 year old barber out of upstate New York. I started cutting hair when I was 13 years old. I have met and trained with some of the lead mens hairstylists in the world, Andrewdoeshair , Josh Lamonaca , Mark Gaye , Marc Republic to name a few. Meeting these artist and learning new techniques have helped make me the men’s hairstylist I am today.

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